Friday, February 28, 2014

CCSS and the Special Educator

I attended a training geared toward Special Educators that informed us all of the practical ways to implement the Common Core State Standards in Special Education.

I got some great links, such as a book I might check out that has sample goals for every standard (similar to the CARS+ goal banks)

The presenter, Dr. Donavan, pointed us to a few links with multiple resources for differentiating our instruction and for writing compliant IEP goals (and lessons that address those goals!) that align to the new grade level standards.
Here are two: -- line up of CST standards and CCSS -- lessons and resources from other states

We also got the good news that the CCSS goal banks will be ready in SEIS very soon! Also, an updated version of the CAPA test will be rolled out shortly for students that need alternate testing. (This can be found by going to the CDE website and looking for "alternate testing", however, I don't serve any students taking CAPA, so I didn't look for this)

Once again, at this training, I heard about Depth of Knowledge. I like it and need to apply the concept more deeply to my lessons. It is the third time I've heard of it at a training and seen the same graphic organizer:
Obligatory Depth of Knowledge Worksheet:

(This page is always followed by an activity where we examine all four levels more deeply by creating a differentiated lesson etc. etc. and share with the whole group)

There was quite a bit to digest and overall it was a good training.  This presentation eased my anxiety over implementing the CCSS in IEPs and (to a certain extent) implementing the CCSS in my classroom practice.  

I will link to his slide show when he posts it later this week.  I wish they would start posting those resources at the same time as the presentation so I could link to it right now.

I believe I have a much better understanding of how to use these in real life.