Monday, July 22, 2013

Notes to Self

Just a brief to do list for my class web site this month:

  • I need to create the blurb that goes with my Useful Links page on my class website. Also, I need to add some more useful links from my bookmark bar so there's a few in there to start.
  • I need to complete the course syllabuses for Alg 1 and Eng 10 
    • get the curriculum maps from the department chairs
  • Need to find the permission slips that are used in district for video recording classes (mostly for reflecting on my lessons, but there are a few projects I want to do that would require some student faces in front of the camera.)
    • upload that form to website (embed as a google form?)
One of my previous goals was to include pictures with this next blog post, so here's a couple:
First is a screen shot of some summer work I've been doing:
You'll see this again soon.
Next one is a shot of all the faculty in their Master's hoods as we walked out for commencement in June at my last school.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Appointment Booking up and running, and other progress!

I have successfully fixed the appointment booking widget.  Turns out, I had clicked an option that required me to tell the calendar when I was free instead of automatically being free all the time.  So, the computer did exactly what I told it to do.  Pilot error and the problem of clicking fun buttons without knowing what they mean.  I probably learned faster that way.

I also made some improvements to the skeleton of my class website.  I had used the google sites template and it has a lot of moving parts that I just won't be using at first.  So I blanked a bunch out, and plan to blank out some more.  Also, I tried to put in all the relevant Vaca High info in the appropriate spots.  I included a Twitter button and a google voice widget for parents to call and leave a message.
I hope I can get my parents and students (the ones with access) to use the electronic tools.

The electronic tools are not an end unto themselves--selfishly, I want to use them because they will ease the documentation of communications and interventions in that half of my job.  Also: they're neat new tools.

Goal for next post:  2 pictures included.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Appointment booking.
I'm still trying to get this to work.  Click the link and try it out for me.  I had it working for a second and then I changed the colors to orange and it quit working.