Saturday, July 20, 2013

Appointment Booking up and running, and other progress!

I have successfully fixed the appointment booking widget.  Turns out, I had clicked an option that required me to tell the calendar when I was free instead of automatically being free all the time.  So, the computer did exactly what I told it to do.  Pilot error and the problem of clicking fun buttons without knowing what they mean.  I probably learned faster that way.

I also made some improvements to the skeleton of my class website.  I had used the google sites template and it has a lot of moving parts that I just won't be using at first.  So I blanked a bunch out, and plan to blank out some more.  Also, I tried to put in all the relevant Vaca High info in the appropriate spots.  I included a Twitter button and a google voice widget for parents to call and leave a message.
I hope I can get my parents and students (the ones with access) to use the electronic tools.

The electronic tools are not an end unto themselves--selfishly, I want to use them because they will ease the documentation of communications and interventions in that half of my job.  Also: they're neat new tools.

Goal for next post:  2 pictures included.