Monday, July 22, 2013

Notes to Self

Just a brief to do list for my class web site this month:

  • I need to create the blurb that goes with my Useful Links page on my class website. Also, I need to add some more useful links from my bookmark bar so there's a few in there to start.
  • I need to complete the course syllabuses for Alg 1 and Eng 10 
    • get the curriculum maps from the department chairs
  • Need to find the permission slips that are used in district for video recording classes (mostly for reflecting on my lessons, but there are a few projects I want to do that would require some student faces in front of the camera.)
    • upload that form to website (embed as a google form?)
One of my previous goals was to include pictures with this next blog post, so here's a couple:
First is a screen shot of some summer work I've been doing:
You'll see this again soon.
Next one is a shot of all the faculty in their Master's hoods as we walked out for commencement in June at my last school.