Friday, November 1, 2013

Behavior Data Collection

Well, the revolution has begun.  Quietly and a few teachers at a time.  I sent out a behavior tracking form (Google Form) for a student's Behavior Contract by using a shortened link from . All of the teachers used the link on the first day to track behavior.  Not a single teacher asked for the paper form (I also offered that in case someone did not want to use the link).  It could have been a combination of the particular teachers this student has (they're more willing to use tech?) and/or the particular behaviors we're tracking (they're affecting grades in your class: use my form to get more support!).  I'm anxious to see if the participation level continues.

One neat thing is that I was able to provide instant feedback for the whole day to my school psych who is about to be a Google convert.

Another small move in the right direction was that another teacher and I in the department have made a de facto policy shift that should simplify everyone's lives and paperwork in the long run.  We, due to some rare moon alignment of circumstances, have the ability this semester to make a specific change to just under half of the students we serve.  This will be enough of a start that our co-workers will judge for themselves how effective the change is.

Sadly, I can't share my google form results publicly due to confidentiality.  When I get a chance, I will take a screen shot of the summary of results and scrub the names.
I hope that in the future we can use automatic methods for a big portion of our case management and data collection.