Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thankful for a Great Day

I had a great day teaching last week and I have to share it.  This was one of those days when the students start off not getting it and each attempt you make falls flat on the floor two feet in front of you.

This is not the whole context, though.  I did have a pretty successful day for my first two classes with few interruptions, some learning, but little to write home about either.  My co-teach class is always more lively and fun--I'm trying to steal some ideas, I swear! But what made it a great teaching day was my 6th period Algebra 1 class.  Usually a challenging time for students to learn Algebra.
This day last week, my lesson presentation was falling pretty flat.  At one point, I reversed direction and taught a completely opposite method to solve the same type of problems and two of my students light bulbs went on.  They got excited and rushed through the rest of the classwork I had posted on the board.
It was a good feeling and one of the main reasons I love teaching.