Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hero's Journey Lessons Reflection Pt. 2

To wrap up my reflection, I'm going to share about the final two days of my Hero' Journey lessons.
Due to my lack of timing and many other excuses, I only had two days to cover about 60% of the Hero's Journey. The parts following the first threshold all the way to mastering both worlds. This proved to e difficult and since I had each student pick a different story plot line to outline, it became a challenge to keep everyone on pace while still covering each step adequately.
Next time I do this (and I will), I believe I will incorporate pairs and have some of the steps of the journey be presented by flash card or short video or something independent (flipped classroom?) so my lesson time can focus on the main points without getting bogged down or having 2/3 of the class zoned out while I help one group with their plot outline. 

The lessons as I planned them this year were too much but kids also seemed to loose interest by the end, another reason to streamline the key points and delivery by working up a video for students to watch for homework. Possibly, I could have students create a good one for me and use it in the next class. Then class times could focus on students working in pairs or groups analyzing their particular plots. 

At this late point in the year, I always really excited about possibilities for next year. 

I've found a link to a neat podcast that discusses Star Wars and it's uses in the classroom, so that's really exciting.