Saturday, May 31, 2014

More Google products for educational uses.

I enjoy the ability of Google+ to send me posts that I can really engage with.  Of course, I have connected with some fun things and games for enjoyment on Google+.  So I get a lot of that in my feed which is nice so that I can decompress from work.  I have also added a good number of education related groups and ed-tech groups.  Sometimes I flip past those posts if I want to avoid melting my brain from too much work-thought.

Today, a post grabbed my attention because it was asking for a solution that I know how to provide.  I left a short comment, knowing that I also wanted to post here on the topic.  The poster, +Jennifer Fox, asked for some follow up so here's what I put together--I hope it was what she was looking for:

Original problem:  "Is there a way to sort responses from a Google Form as they are being gathered on the response sheet?"
My response: Use either VLOOKUP or IMPORTRANGE functions to copy the data to a second sheet and filter/sort that sheet.  Then the original collection sheet continues to get live responses and you can still organize your data.
My example:  I created a sample google form to collect fake data with numbers and letters, i.e. something to sort multiple ways.  Then I went to the spreadsheet where all the responses were collected and created a second sheet (named "The Magic").  On the second sheet, I used the importrange function to copy the data and then I selected all three columns of data (this makes sure that when you filter, the rows of data stay together) and applied a filter.  Now I can sort and filter the data and new data from the form automatically comes in whenever the users complete the form.
I also got to learn a little from the other comments in the thread--specifically, that there is an SQL-style query function in google sheets.
So, that was a win all around!