Thursday, June 5, 2014

Class Feedback Results

To follow Larry Ferlazzo's example, I'm posting my class feedback results from my end of year suvey. I'll put the questions followed by the highest percentage rating, just to save typing since I don't want to take the time to screen shot the charts and graphs that google forms made for me.

 I didn't split these by class period or anything, although I think for next year I'll take the trouble to make a different form for separate classes to get a better idea. This will be really important for me next year since I'll be co-teaching with two different teachers and teaching 4 different subjects. I'm excited for the challenge.

  • I felt challenged by this class: 41% neutral
  • I felt like Mr. Hyland respected me: 46% agree
  • I felt like Mr. Hyland gave me useful feedback: 70% agree
  • I felt like Mr. Hyland was fair: 63% agree
  • Mr. Hyland had high expectations of me: 50% agree
  • I tried my hardest to do my best in class: 37% each (tie) strongly agree and agree
  • My grades reflected the quality of my work: 52% agree
  • Mr. Hyland encouraged me to do my best: 43% agree
  • I felt safe in Mr. Hyland's class: 54% agree
  • The class was well organized: 59% agree
  • I enjoyed being in this class: 41% agree
  • I always followed Mr. Hyland's instructions: 41% neutral

 I also had 5 short answer questions where students could type a response. Some did not, and others made what seemed like sarcastic comments (hard to tell if they were serious). However, there are some gold nuggets that told me what I needed to hear from students (that's the point after all!). Many of these comments referred to our penultimate activity--watching Star Wars after a series of lessons on the Hero's Journey, so if you follow the link below and scan those comments, you'll note some fanboys.

 I also co-teach one period, so I included my co-teacher and co-teach class on the questionnaire. You'll see her name in there as well. Here's the link to my full results, and--as un-scientific as they are--I'm proud of them this year. I always have plenty of room to improve. My goals for next year include inching forward on tech integration in my classroom lessons.