Thursday, October 2, 2014

Case Management Documentation and Google Apps Scripts Part 2

I believe I have the script completed for the first half of my project. At least, I can make the computer fetch and use all the data in question. One bump at this stage is turning out to be triggering the script in such a way that it will run completely and automatically when a form is submitted. That might be a huge task if I end up having to make half of the data lookups happen inside the script instead of inside the  spreadsheet.

In any case, the next step will be the easy part--automating the general education feedback PDF production using the autocrat add-on. 

I think a more expert programmer would spot some areas where I have clunky code in my script, but I'm making progress each day. This will be my first real work project in programming and when it works I will have something to brag about. 

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